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This fine French Tapestry (detail shown), circa 1780, 2.93m x 2.46m. will be exhibited by Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets.

Posted on
13 Apr 16

Seneh Carpets - Antique Kurdish Runner Size: 3.52m X 1.20m. Circa. 1870, North West Iran, 100% wool. It has a fantastic glossy wool with amazing colour combination. The brown field scattered with a wide variety of rosettes, flower-heads and floral panels around a column of five full an two half medallions containing similar motifs, with an ivory crab-rosette border. This piece is very decorative and collectable at the same time because of its age. It is in good condition and is ready to be used.

Posted on 13 April 16

Owen Parry will be showing this Ghiordes prayer rug at LARTA 2016. These classic rugs where keenly sought after by rug collectors in the early 20th century. They are from the last phase of the so-called classic period of Ottoman era. Turkey. 18th century.

Posted on 13 April 16

Tribal Rugs Gallery will be bringing this Karabagh Eagle Gul circa 1880 to LARTA. It's known as an eagle due to the stylised spread-eagle pattern.

Posted on
12 Apr 16

Heritage Rugs will be showing this antique Karagashli rug. 145cm by 95cm. Woven in the Caucasus Mountains in the years before the First World War using a traditional local design. The piece is in exceptional condition for its age, with a silky lustrous pile.

Posted on 11 Apr 16

Molly Hogg Antique Textiles - a rare wool tie dyed coat from Ladakh with appliqued panels of traded cloth. Early C20th. A similar coat was recently exhibited in the Indian textile exhibition at the V&A.

Posted on 11 Apr 16

James Cohen Antique Carpets - Akstafa long rug, Shirvan area, North East Caucasus, dated 1862, 4'1" x 9'3" This rug is recognisable as an Akstafa because it has the large bird forms - probably representing peacocks- repeated between medallions all the way up the field. Also, the navy field, ivory border and long format give further confirmation. This is one of the best examples, with its huge range of saturated organic dyes, outstanding original condition and also very unusual with the inscription and date that reads; 'sana 1279 hijri' or year 1279 of the hijra (1862-3).

Posted on 10 Apr 16

Seneh Carpets will exhibit this antique Kazak Rug from South West Caucasus, Size: 2.35m X 1.61m Circa. 1890. Overall a very beautiful rug of its type. Very decorative and very collectable. Nice Kazaks with good colours and design have always been in high demand.

Posted on 09 April 16

Owen Parry will show this Bijar rug from North west Persia, circa 1880. A beautiful small example of classic Persian design and decor used during the weaving revival popular in the west during Victorian times.

Posted on 09 April 16

Detail of mid 19th C Kepsi gul Yomud main carpet, symmetrically knotted, with cotton wefting to be shown by James Cohen Antique Carpets.

Posted on 07 Apr 16

This antique Konya Carpet 7ft 9ins x 10ft 2ins will be exhibited by James Cohen Antique Carpets.

Posted on
06 Apr 16

An exceptional Senneh rug from Persian Kurdistan will be exhibited by Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets.

Posted on
05 Apr 16

Ornamentum will be showing this fine antique Persian silk Tabriz prayer rug from N.W. Persia C. 1880, size 1.85m x 1.35m, silk pile on silk foundation.

Posted on
27 Mar 16

This striking minimalist Persian Gabbeh from the early 20th century will be exhibited by Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets.

Posted on
23 Mar 16

This Khamseh rug 2.05m x 1.50m from South Persia, circa 1880 will be exhibited by Aaron Nejad Antique Carpets.

Posted on
22 Mar 16

An antique green ground Caucasian Gendje rug ca 1860 size 203 x 126 cm which will be shown by Andy Lloyd. True green ground rugs are very rare especially as green is normally made with a mixture of blue and photosensitive yellow which degrades leaving just blue. This piece has a wonderful emerald green field with botehs and cloudband motifs and a saturated yellow border with pinwheel motifs both designs found on much earlier rugs dating to the 16th century. In excellent condition this rug has outstanding natural dyes and wonderful soft wool.

Posted on 21 Mar 16

Fine Pure Silk antique Kashan rug, N.Persia, c1890, size 2.00m x 1.35m to be shown at LARTA by Ornamentum

Posted on
17 Mar 16

Tribal Rugs Gallery will be showing this Ninghsia rug from West China, 1800 or earlier.

Posted on
14 Mar 16

Andy Lloyd will be showing this Sogdian silk brocade textile fragment ca 700 ad. This large fragment 17 x 20 cm from a robe depicts goats beside a tree (of life?). The Sogdian people were successful traders across the Silk Road. Silks which were very high value and easy to transport were traded from as far away as China to Persia but these highly stylised brightly coloured pairs of animals in pearl roundels are Sogdian in style and thought to have been produced in Sogdia. Many were discovered in excavations in Turfan at the turn of the last century. This beautiful museum quality example has well preserved colours and has been expertly cleaned and mounted. Come and see it at LARTA. POA.

Posted on 9 Mar 16

This exceptional Uratube Suzani, central Asia circa 1850, will be exhibited by Aaron Nejad.

Posted on
19 Feb 16

Heritage Rugs will be exhibiting this tribal saddle bag with stunning colours at LARTA 2016.

Posted on 19 Feb 16

Andy Lloyd will show this superb antique Persian Shekarlu rug in full pile, size 249 x 184 cm. Dating from the late 19c it has all natural dyes and wool construction. Note in the bottom border the weaver has changed her mind about the width of the rug and decided to make it wider, this is all original not a repair. Thick pile just hand washed floor ready.

Posted on 10 Feb 16

Andy Lloyd will also be exhibiting this 17C Turkish Bokche (or wrapping cloth) finely embroidered with silk on a cotton gauze ground. Size 98 x 80 cm.

Bokches of this high quality would be used to wrap gifts or high value household items in Ottoman times.

Posted on 7 Feb 16

Andy Lloyd will be exhibiting this antique Russian Shirvan rug with cockerels and ladies, late 19c, 158 x 115 cm.

Cockerels are a rare but not unique feature on Shirvan rugs, presumably representing fertility. This rug has survived in excellent condition and looks great hanging as well as on the floor.

Posted on 6 Feb 16

We are delighted to welcome another new exhibitor - Molly Hogg Antique Textiles will be joining us this year.

Posted on 3 Feb 16

We are very happy to announce that Heritage Rugs from Bristol will be joining us for the first time at LARTA 2016.

Posted on 3 Feb 16

This is a detail from a highly decorative 17th century Flemish Tapestry which Aaron Nejad will be exhibiting.

Posted on
1 Feb 16

NEW EXHIBITOR! We are delighted to announce that Hakiemie Rugs will also be exhibiting with us for the first time in 2016.

Posted on 18 Nov 15

NEW EXHIBITOR! We are delighted to announce that Tribal Rugs Gallery will be exhibiting with us for the first time in 2016.

Posted on 10 Nov 15


Just announced: the dates for LARTA 2016 are Thurs 14th to Sunday 17th April.

Posted on 07 Nov 15

14th - 17th April 2016

Now in its sixth year, we are delighted to announce that the London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair (LARTA) will once again take place at The Showroom, Penfold St, London NW8 from 14th - 17th April 2016. The collectors' preview and opening reception for invited guests will be on April 14th 2016 from 6pm-10pm. Please contact us for a complimentary invitation.

Our objective remains to present rare and beautiful antique rugs, carpets and textiles to discerning collectors, decorators and a wider general audience interested in the woven arts and design. Visitors to LARTA 2016 will have the opportunity to source items originating from Anatolia, the Caucasus, Persia, Central Asia, India and China, as well as from Europe and Africa, and from all periods up to the early 20th century.

This year, our exhibitor list will be as strong as ever. As well as our regular exhibitors, we are delighted to announce four exciting new exhibitors: Molly Hogg Antique Textiles from London, Heritage Rugs from Bristol, Hakiemie Rugs from London and Tribal Rugs Gallery from Essex. The broad ranges of specialisation of our dealers ensures that LARTA 2016 will once again be a truly high quality and eclectic event. Expect to see rare collectors' items alongside beautiful decorative items in a bazaar-like atmosphere.

We are delighted to be able to once again present LARTA at The Showroom. Conveniently located a few minutes from Marble Arch close to Edgware Road, in central London, this contemporary exhibition space provides a rare opportunity to view inspiring rugs and textile art in relaxed surroundings. LARTA 2016 will be fun, cool, and inspiring.

Our innovative online event, LARTA Online, has proved to be highly popular and a great asset to the Fair. So once again LARTA will be on view ONLINE as well as at the Showroom. On Thursday April 14th 2016 at 6pm LARTA Online will go live and will be on view from this website. All the best items exhibited by every dealer will be on view, with high resolution images, details and captions together with direct contact details to each exhibitor. It will be your virtual visit to LARTA 2016!