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I am a rug enthusiast with a thirty year long connection to the world of tribal weaving. I began my journey restoring and cleaning rugs and was lucky enough to handle some great pieces and meet many knowledgeable and passionate collectors and dealers along the way. My love of antique rugs is the primary purpose for my business which begins after a long career in the NHS. My aim is to have many beautiful things pass through my hands and learn from them. It is for me more a passion than a business. I operate from my home on the west side of Manchester and people are welcome to come and view the collection by appointment or I can send more photos on request. I prefer buyers to see the rug in person if possible so they can get a full appreciation of the condition without any obligation to buy. I can also source rugs from my contacts in the trade if there is something specific that you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me, I like nothing more than to talk about rugs so I am happy to oblige.

East Anatolian Kurdish

This is the oldest example of an East Anatolian Kurdish rug I have owned to date, the weave…
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Qashqai Gabbeh

This is a beautiful Gabbeh, the camel field with its three bold hexagons floats on a red…
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This rug has a good balance of east and west with stylized boteh nestling in the diamonds…
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A good old example of a Bijar with some lovely abrash. I think this rug has a great archaic…
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A rough tribal beauty with a loose weave and strong colours.I particularly love the contrast…
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Karabagh prayer rug

A lovely bright and colourful little prayer rug with the islamic date showing near the top of…
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Kazak prayer rug

This is a bright and busy rug with a well articulated design. The colours are jewel like, I…
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A truly wonderful rug full of interest and artistry. One of the most random designs I have…
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