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North-West Persian Zodiacal Rug

This rug has got me thinking! Could it be from Tabriz or even maybe Feraghan? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, of north-west Persian origin, this rug is rare and truly amazing. With a prayer-mihrab, the weaver has had so much fun creating zodiacal symbols. Hang it on the wall and enjoy it forever. Might appeal to any astronomers or astrologers out there! In fact, it has great appeal for everyone. PS: Just had an interesting thought from Clive Rogers today - 12/02 - who suspects this rug might be from Ardebil!
Origin: North-West Persia
Size: 1.83 x 1.25m (6ft 0in x 4ft 1in )
Date: Circa 1900
Condition: Evenly-low pile all over but complete with no repairs. Best seen as a wall-hanging rather than on the floor.
Price: £6,500.00

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