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Carpet with Blossom pattern

An extremely rare and early Caucasian carpet from present day Armenia ornated by an infinite repeat pattern of palmettes alternated to split-leaf arabesques known also as the 'harshang' design. This derives from 17th century Safavid 'Vase' carpets from southeast Persia, migrating north as Shah Abbas began establishing weaving workshops in the Southern Caucasus. Carpets of this type were found in specific mosques of eastern Anatolia, where they were donated as prestigious gifts. Some examples, such as this one, made their way in the aristocratic families of Europe, where they remained for many generations and were always treated with great care and respect.
Origin: Southern Caucasus
Size: 445 x 260 cm
Date: Circa 1760
Condition: Good. Rewoven ends and various scattered old reweaves.
Price: £16,500.00

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