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We are delighted to welcome the wonderful Shame Studios to LARTA, based in London. Each intricately hand-crafted rug explores relationships between colour, pattern, texture, weight and the resonance of design languages. They offer bespoke designs using some of the best artisans from around the world. With ethical production at the heart of the company. You won’t want to miss them.

LARTA is proud to present the established British family business The London Persian Rug Company. Known for the largest collection of Oriental handmade rugs and carpets in the UK, they have a variety of exquisite pieces from antiques, classic, contemporary, decorative to tribal designs, as well as a full range care and tailored service for your carpet needs. Check out their website for some inspiration and advice on how to choose your perfect rug.

A & D Gallery brings to you some of the finest antique rugs, kilims and textile artifacts. All from different origins, and different centuries. They have an array of historic textiles comparable in quality to museum items. If you are one for rare and unique beauty, take a look at A & D’s remarkable collection.

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