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Contact: James Cohen
+44 (0)7747 610 248

Welcome to my page on the LARTA site and thank you for looking. My aim here is to show a small selection of the very best tribal and decorative carpets available on todays market. I believe in quality over quantity and I hope it shows! I have been working in the antique rug world for over 30 years now, and apart from a brief stint working in America for a very well known dealer there, I have supported myself only within this sphere. I have exhibited in every major worldwide show featuring antique rugs and I have specialised over the decades in helping collectors build their collections, and private individuals to find just the right antique carpet to furnish their home. My criteria for a good rug are, great colour, great design, great patina and great condition. Of course, not all of those things are always possible at the same time and a lot of my clients don't mind certain pieces showing some light wear- it can even add to the 'look' and definitely helps with the price. Please have a look at my listings here and if you don't find exactly what you want, I am happy to look on your behalf.

Early Sauj Bulagh

A highly collectable, Kurdish rug with a moving range of saturated natural dyes, on a starkly…
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Shahsavan Soumac Bagface

Very fine, with superb natural dyes and an unusual, stylised dragon border.
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Shekarlu Qashqai 6' x 7'

This early Qashqai treasure is more like a textile than a rug. The huge range of colours…
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Fine Serapi Heriz 8' x 10'

The breathtaking, grass green medallion sits on an orangey red field within a navy blue…
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Ziegler & Co Carpet 13' x 18'

A fabulous carpet from the Ziegler & Co workshops, the energy and character is absolutely…
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Karadja Serapi 13' x 16'

A fine, Karadja Serapi with a rich display of reds, blues in a great, nearly square size.…
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Heriz Rug 4' x 6'

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Crewelwork Valance

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Ziegler Mahal 10' x 13'

The terracotta field and broad green abrashed border are fabulous together, and with a large…
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Oushak Carpet, Green, 10' x 13'

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17th C Flemish Tapestry Fragment 3' x 8'

How touching is this thoughtful angel...? And looking carefully there is another in the…
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18th century Epirus Embroidery

The two sphinxes either side of the vase issuing flowers are charming as they are unusual,…
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Small Oushak Carpet 7' x 9'

One of the easiest colours to decorate with, soft pinky-peach, I adore it, and with this well…
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Ziegler & Co Rug 8' x 8'

The colours look a bit murky in the pictures but in reality, this very unusual sized Ziegler…
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Pair of Caucasian Floor Pillows

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