James Cohen Antique Carpets

Unit 11 Top Floor
1 Chandos Road
NW10 6NF

Contact: James Cohen
+44 (0)7747 610 248

Welcome to my page on the LARTA site and thank you for looking. My aim here is to show a small selection of the very best tribal and decorative carpets available on todays market. I believe in quality over quantity and I hope it shows! I have been working in the antique rug world for over 30 years now, and apart from a brief stint working in America for a very well known dealer there, I have supported myself only within this sphere. I have exhibited in every major worldwide show featuring antique rugs and I have specialised over the decades in helping collectors build their collections, and private individuals to find just the right antique carpet to furnish their home. My criteria for a good rug are, great colour, great design, great patina and great condition. Of course, not all of those things are always possible at the same time and a lot of my clients don't mind certain pieces showing some light wear- it can even add to the 'look' and definitely helps with the price. Please have a look at my listings here and if you don't find exactly what you want, I am happy to look on your behalf.

Melas Prayer

Melas prayer rug from the first half of the 19th century. Made in the same region of Western…
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Kuba Seychour Long rug

The light blue ground colour of this rare rug is immediately attention grabbing- what an…
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Ziegler & Co Carpet

A rare find, a top flight Ziegler carpet with highly desirable cream ground colour and…
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Karachof Kazak

The Caucasus despite being a relatively small piece of land, and a lot of it mountainous,…
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Very Fine Fereghan Carpet

An extra fine weave on this exceptional Fereghan is noteworthy because many with the small…
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Oushak Carpet

The warm tones on this handsome Oushak carpet will cheer up any room it goes into, while the…
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Ziegler Mahal

Beautiful rich natural dyes glow wonderfully in this 130 year old decorative carpet. The warm…
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Veramin Runner

Startlingly rich and joyful natural dyes are a real eye-catcher on this rare runner, with a…
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Qashqai Rug

A peacock in each corner! Peacocks are an important symbol of Persia (Iran), ever since King…
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Bakshiash Small Carpet

The random and naively drawn design here is the big draw. This sort of freedom of expression…
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Heriz Carpet

A vibrantly coloured Heriz carpet, with a navy blue field colour that shows off the allover…
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Flemish Game Park Tapestry

In the foreground of this pretty tapestry the ladies relax whilst the men on horseback in the…
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Bakshiash Kelleh

The 'Kelley' in the title refers to a certain size or proportion- usually twice as long as…
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A Fragment of the Tiffany Late Ming Chinese Carpet From The Forbidden Palace

Louis Comfort Tiffany purchased the entire carpet at a sale in New York in 1916 for the…
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Fine Kuba Shirvan

Super fine Shirvan area weavings are a great pleasure to behold. The silky wool, supple weave…
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