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Brian MacDonald has been dealing in antique tribal rugs, carpets & dowry bags since his return from Iran during the early 1980s. His love of tribal rugs and weavings was gained from his time living amongst Qashqa'i & Afshar tribes in the early 1970s in Iran and his travels in Afghanistan. This passion led him to write his book 'Tribal Rugs - Treasures of the Black Tent' which was published in 1997 and was re-printed in April 2010 and again in 2016. Having sold his Stow and Edinburgh galleries several years ago, Brian now works from home on-line, dealing internationally in the very best examples of antique tribal rugs, dowry bags & decorative carpets.

Antique Timuri Prayer-Rug

A superb and rare 19th century prayer-rug of the Timuri tribes with subtle yet stunning natural colours.
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Antique Baluch Tribal Rug

Truly magnificent! One of the best 19th century Baluch rugs I've had for a long time. Superb natural colours with rich,…
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Antique Baharlu Rug, Khamseh Confederacy Tribes

A magnificent Baharlu tribal rug within the Khamseh Confederacy, made during the 19th century using a classical design,…
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Antique Goklen Turkmen Wedding Rug

A beautiful and unusual little wedding rug of the Goklen Turkmen tribe made during the 19th century. The natural…
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Antique Seichour Corridor Rug

The natural colours in this magnificent Seichour corridor rug are just incredible. The abrash of differing shades of…
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Antique Luri Tribal Rug

This charming little tribal rug was made by Luri nomads at the end of the 19th century. The madder-red field comprises…
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Antique Gabbeh, Luri Nomads

Old gabbehs are rare and particularly in good condition. They were heavily used by nomads for everyday use in the tents…
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Antique Teke Turkmen 12 gul Torba

A beautiful and rare 12 gul torba made by Teke tribes around the middle 19th century. The centre of each of the 12…
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Antique Bergama Rug

This beautiful rug has a stunning vegetable-dye turquoise field with stylised floral motifs placed spontaneously…
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