Peta Smyth Antique Textiles

42 Moreton Street

Contact: Peta Smyth / Joseph Sullivan
+44 (0)20 7630 9898

With an emphasis on European textiles of the 16th century through to the 19th century, and textiles from further afield intended for the European market, particular attention is concentrated on tapestries, needlework for the upholstery of antique furniture, and silk brocades, damasks, and velvets, together with crewelwork and other embroidery, appliquéd and printed textiles, curtains and smaller decorative pieces such as cushions, braids and fringes.

An early 18th century embroidered panel

Finely embroidered in silk in various stitches, flat quilted onto a fine linen ground and…
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A late 17th century tapestry panel

This tapestry is closely related to the set of 'Bacchanals' hanging at Cotehele…
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An Ottoman hanging

The burgundy velvet with appliquéd metal thread.
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