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View our stunning collections of beautiful hand-woven Oriental Carpets, decorative, traditional-style and antique rugs, large and over-sized carpets, aubussons, silks, kilims, tapestries, as well as tribal pieces, bags and trappings and an array of textile soft furnishings, a selection of which are featured on our website. Our passion and years of Master Rug Craftsman specialist knowledge and expertise in the rug and carpet field ensure that these fine quality weavings are individually sourced and traditionally hand-knotted by reputable craftsmen weavers from around the world, using a varied colour palette of natural dyes that are ideal for blending with soft furnishings, while matching the Gallery's high standards of integrity and quality. We can also source other pieces from our extensive stockroom range here at the Gallery to suit your requirements, if you do not see the exact piece you are looking for on our website.

Antique Tuduc rug

Antique Tuduc rug circa 1925
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Antique Baluch rug

A Large antique Baluch rug wool on wool foundation circa 1900
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Antique Tuduc rug

Antique Turkish or Eastern European reproduction of a 17th century Star Ushak rug. Circa 1930 This rug is an…
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Antique Khamseh rug

A very fine weave antique handmade Khamseh rug. Naturally dyed wool on a wool foundation. circa 1900
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