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Contact: Katrien Vermeeren
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At Emily's House we specialise in handwoven rugs you don't see everywhere! From Moroccan Berber rugs, Beni Ouarain rugs, Turkish kilims, and Midcentury tribal rugs. All rugs are unique pieces, not trend led, just interesting and beautiful! Essentially I have a tribal taste so the vintage and Midcentury rugs have always been an integral part of the collection! Furthermore there is also a growing selection of thick braided jute rugs, made to measure kilims and bespoke Beni rugs and short pile carpets. All can be made according to your required size and colour combo! All rugs are handmade with premium materials, offering a highly unique and individual product that will make your floor look fantastic!

Moroccan Berber rug Mrirt plain orange large handwoven area rug

Midcentury Moroccan Berber rug Handwoven in large size of 190x290cm Handmade with plain…
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Moroccan Berber Middle Atlas Geometric design on Pink

Midcentury Moroccan Berber rug Middle Atlas Handwoven with simple geometric design with…
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Moroccan pink Zaiane Berber rug Handwoven

Moroccan Berber rug Zaiane design Handwoven in large size of 217x290cm Shades of soft…
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Moroccan plain Mrirt rug large handwoven area rug

Midcentury Moroccan Berber rug, handwoven in the area of Mrirt. It has a plain colour…
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Colourful Moroccan Zaiane 188x302cm

Handwoven Moroccan Berber rug in colourful geometric design in navy blue, green, reds and…
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Pink Moroccan berber rug large 190x310cm

Pink Moroccan berber rug handwoven in Rehamna in large size of 190x310cm Low height wool…
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Indigo blue Moroccan Berber rug 180x235cm

Rare and beautiful indigo blue Moroccan Berber rug. Handwoven in Mrirt this Midcentury…
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Vintage Adana kilim 217x280cm

Large are rug handwoven in Adana, Turkey. Colourful decorative motifs on a background on…
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Midcentury Moroccan Berber rug 200x280cm

Stunning and rare Midcentury Moroccan Berber rug. Handwoven with wool and goat hair in…
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Midcentury Moroccan Boujaad rug large 190x310cm

Beautiful Moroccan Boujaad rug in red with geometric design. Midcentury in excellent…
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Moroccan rehamna fine handwoven Berber rug

Fine handwoven Moroccan Berber rug for Rehamna. Geometric design on orange wool background
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Midcentury Moroccan kilim mixed pile and flatweave

Handwoven Berber rug with textile mix of pile and flatweave. Striped design in a red wool…
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Turkish kilim handwoven flatweave

Turkish kilim rug handwoven in Konya
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Turkish vintage kilim in blue green

Turkish handwoven kilim rug in soft colour palette Handmade in Konya, south east Turkey
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Pink Moroccan berber kilim

Faded pink Moroccan Berber kilim i decorative striped design
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