Ian Shaw Tribal Arts and Textiles

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Ian Stewart Shaw has been dealing in the Arts of Africa for more than 20 years. First introduced to African Tribal Art by two Glasgow Artists in the 1980’s finding the mix of traditional cultures and the aesthetics of the objects fascinating. The appeal of Tribal objects is not confined to the collector. Tribal objects and Textiles compliment minimal backgrounds in many contemporary interior design concepts. Our Interior Design clients contact us regularly looking for inspiration and innovation.

Asafo Flag

A fine large (190cm x 110cm) Asafo Flag from the Fante people of Ghana . Post 1957 .
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Ewe Indigo

Fine Indigo Ladies Kente .
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Ewe Royal Ladies Kente

A very fine Ewe Kente in Royal colours . Strip woven from handspun cotton .
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Ewe Kente

Very rare , early 20th century Ewe ladies Kente in glorious African ' Day break' colours .
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Togolese Ewe

A stunning Togolese Ewe textile. Woven from handspun cotton in chequer board design.
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Ewe Rayon

A fascinating piece of Rayon weaving from the Ewe of the Volta region of Ghana . Rayon was…
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Guro Chiefs Robe .

A fine handspun cotton Royal Robe from the Guro people of Cote'dIvoire . Very fine Indigo dye…
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Karaj Rug

A fine rug from the Karaj area of Iran
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Karaj Rug

A fine rug from the Karaj area of Iran .
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