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Specialist in Antique Chinese and Tibetan Rugs and textiles

Khotan coffered gul

This rug is complete with soft pile and supple handle The half coffered gul design must…
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Khotan Mille fleur

Unusually small size Probably made for sale to Tibet
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Kang rug
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E19thC Tibetan rug

Central archaic medalion shape Indicates a rare and early origin
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Mid 19thC Tibetan rug

Still in the valley
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Chinese Ningxia sitting sq

The Ningxia rug industry was created by the demand of Tibetan Lamas;this rug being…
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Woven wool painted tiger

Tiger design pieces like this were produced in China as gifts for Tibetan monasteries
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Chinese silk robe fragment

17/18thC Silk robe (Kangxi dynasty{pre1722})
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Tantric painted silk

Chinese silk painted in Tibet as monastic decoration probably for the wall in a Mahakala…
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Indian block print

Block printed cotton made in northern India for export to Tibet
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Laos head cloth

Silk on cotton embroidery
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Miao wedding blanket

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Flores ikat

Ikat shawl
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19thC Chapan

Ikat mans jacket
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Ming Tibetan Lamas jacket

Chinese silk of the Ming dynasty (1366-1644)
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