Unit B2, 1 Chandos Road
Park Royal
NW10 6NF
United Kingdom

Contact: Ali Helabad
+44 (0) 7921 812 241

Ali Helabad hails from a family with a strong heritage in the Persian carpet business stretching over several generations. Having established Nomadic Rugs Gallery in London in 2010, Ali continues to expand upon the first-hand expertise he has garnered in Iran, specialising in all oriental and Persian carpets, both antique and modern. Ali is capable of giving expert advice on sourcing, valuation and repairs, in addition to offering his own extensive stock at competitive prices. Bespoke new works are also an exciting area that Ali partners with for select clients.

Persian Senneh Kilim

an Elegant Northwest Persian Senneh Kilim from Kurdish region , Paisley Boteh design inside…
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Persian Qashqui Kilim

This is a Graphic Qashqai kilim with rare and very popular Gold (Talayi)colour with all-over…
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Persian Bakhtiyari Kilim

fine quality Persian Bakhtiyari kilim in Crab design and mainly dramatic midnight blue with …
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Persian Qasqui Kilim

fine late 19th century Qashqai kilim arguably one of the best example of this types. Very…
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Persian Bakhtiyar Rug

an early 20th century Persian tree of life and birds Bakhtiyar rug southwest of Persian ,all…
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Northwest Saujbulagh Rug

a late 19th century tribal ,colourful and very attractive and collective Persian Kurdish rug
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Northwest Persian kelleh

Late 19th century Northwest Persian Kelleh carpet very tribal rug, in the middle you can see…
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Shirvan Rug

colourful ,soft and Very fine aquality of Caucasian Shirvan Rug late 19th century all natural…
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Royal Tehran Carpet

This is a Masterpiece Royal Tehran Carpet with Millefleurs design which called Locally (Haj…
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Persian Mohtasham Rugs

this a unique and eye catching Persian Masterpiece Mahtasham Kashan Rug with Amazing soft and…
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Persian Sarab Runner

This is 19th century decorative Sarab runner ,camel field with geometric flowering vinery and…
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Sarough Rug

early 20th century ivory floral field with tones of nice green around medallion which made it…
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Pure silk Isfahan Rug

rare early 20th century safavid Islamic Mihrab designof pure silk Isfahan rug on interesting…
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Arts &Crafts carpet

this is rare early 20th century Arts and Crafts carpet by Gavin Morton ,green border ,pinkish…
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Bijar Lion Rug

This is a Kurdish Tribal Rug in Bijar Ares Northwest of Iran with very interesting designs…
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