Aaron Nejad Gallery

4 Church Street

Contact: Aaron Nejad
+44 (0) 203 489 5370
+44 (0) 7976 826218

Aaron Nejad is based in London and has been trading since 1994. He specialises in rugs, carpets and textiles from the East and Europe and from all periods up to the early 20th century.

Zarafshan Suzani

This superb suzani has a repeat lattice design with a wonderful array of shrubs, some of which are clearly influenced…
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Silk Ikat Panel

A typical colour palette associated with Bokhara ikat production. Dramatic and beautifully drawn.
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Double-Sided Silk Embroidered Purse

Embroidered in silk on velvet, this charming purse has differing ornamentation on each side. Graphic and decorative.
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Silk Embroidered Mirror Cover

A rare item. Fine embroidery and wonderful use of colours.
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Fine Nurata Nim Suzani

The drawing on this miniature gem is delicate and elegant, with clear Moghul influence. The motifs organised into a…
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Tashkent Suzani

Great proportions to this highly dramatic piece. Note the subtle changes in the roundels and the beautiful minor…
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Brocaded Silk Coat

Beautiful brocading in silk and metal thread. Repeat pomegranates. Beautifully lineed in Russian printed cloth.
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Fine Shahrisabzh Embroidery

This beautiful example has been embroidered completely in the Irooqi silk stitch (a form of crosstitch). Note some…
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Belouch Sofreh

Mixed flatweave techniques, unusual long format, and intriguing field design
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