Aaron Nejad Gallery

4 Church Street
United Kingdom

Contact: Aaron Nejad
0203 489 5370
+44 (0) 7976 826218

I am based in London and have been trading since 1994, specialising in rugs, carpets and textiles from the East and Europe and from all periods up to the early 20th century. I have an eclectic eye, but a common theme is my love for great colour and design. I have traded with decorators, collectors and clients around the world.

Rare Antique Heriz Mafrash

Here is a very rare item, a piled mafrash from the Heriz district of North-West Persia.…
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Poltava Kilim

This lovely carpet is a beautiful example of this underrated group of East European weavings.…
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Swedish Kilim By Ingegerd Silow

ngegerd Silow was a 20th century Swedish visual artist who also designed kilims. There is a…
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Magnificent Oushak Carpet

This highly decorative carpet has a spacious repeating palmette and leaf design on a soft red…
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Lakai Embroidery

Silk Embroidery on cotton. The simple pure ornamentation and lovely natural dyes make this a…
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Charming South-West Persian Tribal Runner

Probably produced by the Qashqai weavers in South-West Persia this charming piece has lots of…
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Very Fine Senneh Rug

This lovely piece woven by the talented Kurdish weavers in Senneh has a very high knot count…
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Bakshaish Carpet

The small town of Bakshaish in North-West Persia was known for weaving charming rugs for…
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Caucasian Prayer Rug

This pretty Caucasian rug has a sweet small format. Lovely colours and a charming design.
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Abstract Design Scandinavian Wool Rug

Rug weaving in Scandinavia has a long and under-appreciated tradition which continued well…
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Perepedil Rug

Finely woven and with a thin pile, this is a very attractive rug with a lovely colour range…
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Fine Qashquli Rug

Finely knotted, thin even velvety pile.
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Unusual Karabagh Mafrash

This pretty piece was probably made to be used as the front of a decorative storage bag, a…
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Fine Belouch Prayer Rug

Rows of botehs on a camel ground. Hands in the corners of the field all framed by a pretty…
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Pair of Ning Hsia Rugs

A very decorative set of 4 meditation mats which have been separated into two pieces. Lovely…
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