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Small Oushak Carpet

An exceptional carpet, in exceptional condition with exceptional colour and design. It is most uncommon to find a small carpet with such a well thought out design. When you can find one this size, which is unusually small, the design is usually looking cramped and squashed. However here, the superb craftsmanship of the weavers has ensure that this delightful allover design has been perfectly scaled down and sits very comfortably within the borders, so it feels free and has a flow even within the smaller confines of these dimensions. Then, I just love that colour- a soft coral field, with beautiful flowerheads in teal, gold and cream. Its such a great decorative colour scheme! And finally, the beautifully patinated pile, is thick and soft underfoot. This is a beautiful rug that is good for another 120 years and with such panache!
Origin: Western Turkey
Size: 278 x 209 cm
Date: 1900
Condition: Perfect. Full pile, original ends, sides and almost no repairs
Price: £24,000.00

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