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Here is an interesting rug with an unusually reserved palette for an Afshar rug. The central soft red lozenge crammed with bold designs floats over a sea of tiny boteh. The central design is markedly uneven which detaches it further from the background, the scale of the boteh behind also adds to the impression of depth. To complete the picture a soft blue border filled with stars frames the central field and the two intact soumak woven ends are a lovely addition. This is a rug that demands one’s attention and once hooked I find it hard to look away, a marker of a good rug. It also has good provenance.
Origin: Persia
Size: 182 x 106 cm
Date: 1900
Condition: Good condition with a few areas of tension which makes it a little bumpy when laid down, it has a strong collar sewn to the back ready for wall mounting.
Price: £900.00

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