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Saf with Seven Double Niches

A rug of great simplicity and sophistication at the same time. The weaver superimposes seven very linear double niche elements onto a substrate composed of polychrome bands containing a stylised vine motif, which is also used on a larger scale on the perimeter. The contrast between the empty, striated soft teal double niches, which have a ‘C’ like motif at its cusps not unlike certain saf kilims, and the colourful richness of the banded background is the true magic of the piece. With this rug it was love at first sight, and I am glad that I still feel the same way about it.
Origin: Ghiordes, Central Anatolia
Size: 300 x 150 cm
Date: Circa 1830
Condition: Good with uniformly medium pile, exposing knot collars; scattered small reweaves.
Price: £18,000.00

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