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Bidjar Rug With Lions, 2.12m x 1.10m

Woven in Persian Kurdistan in the last quarter of the 19th century, this fascinating rug displays the typical technical characteristics of Bidjar rugs from that period with fine wool, depressed warps, and wonderful natural dyes. But what makes it so special are the repeating pairs of lions woven in a speckled light blue, both facing each other and addorsed. Lions are often see in Persian art and are a symbol of Persian national identity. But they are rarely depicted in this heraldic manner standing on their hind legs. In addition, other elements in the field design, the strapwork, and other motifs, add to the intrigue.
Origin: West Persia
Size: 212 x 110 cm
Date: Circa 1880
Condition: Very good pile, minimal signs of wear. No repairs. Original selvages intact. Later fringes added at each end. Very good condition.
Price: £4,000.00

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