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A Pair of Velvet Hangings

It is difficult to convey the astonishing beauty of these two majestic hangings in either a few words or a few images. The daring use of amber velvet embroidered in a silver metal thread is striking and beautiful. The compositions are dominated by diving birds of prey which are embroidered with astonishing expertise. The field design is completed by scattered small birds around trees and branches above shimmering pools of water. It's breath-taking. The composition is completed by a delicate border of flowers and meandering tendrils. They are simply stunning and would look magnificent used as hangings or as curtains. Each has been woven in 2 panels then sewn together. The measurements of each piece is 3.50m x 1.15m.
Origin: Japan
Size: 350 x 115 cm
Date: Circa 1920
Condition: Each has been woven in 2 panels then sewn together. They have survived in remarkably good condition, with only a few minor signs of wear to the embroidery. They have been lined and are ready for immediate use.

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