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A Group of Four Suzani Border Fragments

This lovely group of suzani border fragments were no doubt originally part of a great piece. The complexity of the embroidery and the fine drawing reveals a special artistic hand. But what makes them so explosively beautiful is the exquisite colouring. In particular, the pale green which appears in roundels on two of the pieces is both very rare and extremely beautiful, while the burnt orange, more commonly seen on Bokhara suzanis, is equally eye-catching. There is also very elegant flow to the design and a unifying consistency about the four pieces which make them work very well as a group. I can imagine several ways in which they could be used. One possibility is as a set mounted on the wall, laid either in landscape or portrait format. Alternatively one might mount them separately. Otherwise they could just be used flexibly on furniture or tables. Wherever they would go, they would look special, adding colour and style to your decorative scheme. Three of the pieces measure 119cm x 27cm, and one measures 124cm x 27cm. They are available individually or as a set.
Origin: Uzbekistan
Size: 0 x 0 cm
Date: Circa 1850
Condition: Very good condition
Price: £3,950.00

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