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Bokhara Nim-Suzani

Suzanis were often made as dowry gifts, and were worked to a very high standard to display the abilities of the bride-to-be. This lovely Bokhara Suzani fits the bill. Woven with silk on a linen ground in a small format referred to as Nim-Suzani, the embroidery technique is complex and varied. Compared to many other examples, the colours on this piece are very subtle and harmonious, revealing a different aesthetic to most. Nim-Suzanis can often feel either a little cluttered in the design or unrefined, but this piece works very well with lovely balance. The flowers are varied and elegant and the flowing movement of the green leaves gives the composition energy. Cherished through the generations, it appears to have been used quite sparingly as the embroidery has survived in excellent condition, and the lining is intact and in good condition. There are no stains or signs of repair. The original linen backing with the ikat trim along the edges has also survived. This is a lovely piece that should appeal equally to both collectors and those looking to enhance their decorative schemes.
Origin: Uzbekistan
Size: 150 x 118 cm
Date: Circa 1860
Condition: Very good original condition.
Ref: CL57
Price: £3,750.00

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