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Rare Floss Silk Hunting Tapestry

This remarkable work is one of a small group of floss silk tapestry woven in Lucca around 1700. It depicts an Arcadian landscape with hunters and wild animals such as boars and lions in the foreground, a lake with geese, and architectural features in the background. The colours are extraordinary, light and fresh, and they shimmer as one walks around the piece. The imagery is quite wonderful. A real masterpiece of the woven arts.
Origin: Lucca, Italy
Size: 206 x 252 cm
Date: Circa 1680
Condition: The composition ready well and the piece is in its original format. There have been so reductions or cuts. The silk is generally in good original condition. There is some loss in places, mainly in the sky, and some fragility which has been stabilised and conserved. Recently professionally cleaned. Lined
Ref: KO1
Price: £28,000.00

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