Hand knotted rugs woven in India and Afghanistan from hand spun Turkish and Afghan mountain wool. Gideon Hatch has been designing rugs since 2004 with the launch of the Beach House collection combining his experience from dealing in antique and traditional oriental carpets and a training in Fine art as a painter.
The rugs are both unique and bespoke and can be custom made to order in all sizes and colours or sourced from stock.
Available in a range of knotting qualities starting at 630 pounds per square meter. Lead time for orders is between 16 to 20 weeks.
The rugs can be viewed by appointment, 'in situ' and at regular London fairs and exhibitions.
Member of LAPADA fine art and antiques association.

By Appointment

Contact: Gideon Hatch

+44 (0)20 7498 5574