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Eclectic textiles including carpets and kilim from Indonesia to Europe and from the 5th. to the 20th. cent. By Appointment only.

Silk jajim

Stunning rare all silk jajim with gorgeous colours from the Shahsavan tribes or Seki.
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Rare Turkish towel

Turkish towels on a block printed background are rare and thought after. Lovely silk and gold…
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Early Paisley shawl

Lovely first period shawl
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Map of London

Very rare handkerchief with a map of London from 1832.
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Early Chinese carpet fragment

Wonderful fragment which survived as a saddle cover in Tibet. Now professionally mounted.
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Ottoman embroidery

Exquisite uçkur (cummerbund) end, fine silk and gold embroidery with rare architectural…
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Fez embroidery

Lovely embroidered strip for table decoration or cushion
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Daghestan rug

Fine small rug with lattice and flower design in good colours.
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Wangden saddle rug

Early saddle rug in rare wangden technique
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Exquisite embroidery. A wonderful turban cover for the ottoman gentleman. Pics do not…
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Striking coverlet with buratto embroidery

Probably from southern Italy is this wonderful embroidery with a border in the special…
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Delhi shawl

Gobsmacking wonderful embroidery in vivid colours
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Cologne Orphreys

Very rare survivors of a pair of orphreys which adorned a luxurious chasuble in the middle of…
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Central Anatolian Kilim

Classic Kilim with gorgeous deep intensive colours
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Chinese coverlet

Elegant deep blue throw with intricate embroidery
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