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Bezalel Rug

Antique Bezalel Judaica Rug some of the more fascinating pieces of Judaica hark back to an era when one of the most influential schools of skilling craftsmen were devised in what was at the time Ottoman controlled Jerusalem. This art-and-crafts movement sought to give a new sense of purpose and independence to a new generation, and is suspected to have been influenced by the Jewish weavers of Hamadan due to the type of knots observed. These rugs are iconic as they were an expression of the Jewish faith within the holy land and travelled internationally to be displayed as far as the USA. Known collectively as originating from The Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts, established in 1903, under the auspices of Professor Boris Schatz, aided by Theodor Herzl. Of course there is no doubt that in antiquity the Jewish community would have contributed to the production and distribution of rugs on The Silk Road.
Origin: Jerusalem
Size: 221 x 163 cm
Date: 1903-1910
Condition: overall thin pile and uneven wear
Price: £12,500.00

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