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Bakshaish 'Tree' Carpet

Bakshaish is perhaps the oldest rug of the rug weaving villages of Azerbaijan, Those items that have survived often display a uniquely painterly and abstracted interpretation of the ancient Persian tribal and classic designs, and can be truly charming. Today, the best examples are highly prized, so I was delighted to find this small carpet. The design is nothing short of sensational, highly graphic and beautifully drawn. One can imagine it working equally well on a floor or wall. The offset layout and different colours of the trees give the carpet a very dynamic appearance. The fact that there are so few filler ornaments enhances the visual impact. It is a truly painterly rug. The simplicity of the borders suggests that the weaver was aware of this and wished only to create an appropriate frame for her work. Both decorative and collectible, this special piece deserves to find a good home.
Origin: North-West Persia
Size: 326 x 262 cm
Date: Circa 1870
Condition: Some restoration work has been undertaken to a high standard. Professionally cleaned.
Price: £13,500.00

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