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Fine Fereghan Rug

Dating to the last quarter of the 19th century, this is a very elegant Persian rug from the famous Fereghan weaving district. Woven on a cotton foundation with very fine velvety wool with a low clipped pile. The dyes are quite exquisite, from the sapphire blue field to the secondary colours green, yellow and pink. Note also, the two different shades of red used in the medallion and spandrels, an unusual and interesting feature. The fineness of the weave has enabled the designer and the weaver to create a beautiful rendering of the classic design. The medallion is jewel-like and appears to be floating above the field which is decorated with the classical Herati design. The spandrels, are quartered versions of the medallion but , as mentioned, with a different shade of red. The field is framed by a very lovely palmette border so often seen on Fereghan rugs. In fact the entire composition is quite delightful and benefits from having a low clipped pile which enhances the definition of the design. Cherished through the generations, this rug has survived in very good condition with even pile throughout and minimal repairs. The original ends and selvages are intact. Professionally cleaned.
Origin: West Persia
Size: 210 x 133 cm
Date: Circa 1880
Condition: Good condition, professionally cleaned.
Ref: TH005
Price: £3,400.00

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