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Tekke Wedding Rug

Tekke 'Wedding' Rugs were traditionally woven for the bride and groom to stand on during their wedding ceremony which then became a part of the girl's dowry. They were often very finely woven and highly prized. Good examples continue to remain popular, both with collectors and decorators. This charming example stands out for several reasons. The colour is particularly attractive while the guls are well-spaced and nicely drawn. Its all very easy on the eye. Woven with fine wool and good natural dyes, the pile is velvety and in good condition. The small square size, typical of this group is also very useful. The original selvages and ends are intact. Minimal signs of wear. No repairs. This rug has been professionally cleaned in our workshop and is ready for immediate use, and would make a wonderful addition to many decorative schemes.
Origin: Central Asia
Size: 132 x 120 cm
Date: 1880
Condition: Very good original condition.
Ref: CF81

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